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About I Live Speaker

The iLive Platinum Concierge is one of the solitary speakers to utilize the Amazon Alexa services. The iLive Concierge imitates the Amazon Echo in both control and abilities. The objective of the Concierge is, be that as it may, to be far superior to the first Amazon Echo. It offers a few significant features that are missing in the Echo.

iLive enables their Alexa gadget to play a similar music on more than one Concierge/speaker simultaneously. This entire house music solution is woefully absent in the Amazon Echo. The Concierge additionally offers an inherent battery so you can move it about the house without its being connected. Once more, something that the Amazon Echo can't do. In general, be that as it may, the Concierge misses the mark regarding the objective of being superior to anything the Amazon Echo.


The iLive Concierge is fundamentally the same as in structure to the Amazon Echo. It is a round and hollow gadget 7-1/4″ high and 3″ in distance across. Contrasted with the Amazon Echo which is 9.25″ high and 3.3″ in width, the Concierge is just marginally littler. The Concierge, be that as it may, weighs just 0.94 pounds, contrasted with the Echo at 2.34 pounds. Its weight and marginally slimmer profile give it greater compactness.

How to Setup iLive Platinum (Alexa Enabled) ?

In order to Setup i Live Platinum speaker you need to download both Alexa App & iLive wi fi app. Once you will download both the app, go to iLive app and Open it. You need to click on add device. The second step would be that you need to press and hold the WPS button for 5 to 10 seconds and click proceed. After that you need to follow the on screen instruction on the screen. 

How to Connect I Live Platinum Bluetooth speaker?

To connect ilive platinum speaker to wifi or internet you need download the i live app. You need to plug in i live platinum device and leave it plugged in. After that you need to download alexa app from store. Once the alexa app is downloaded login to your Amazon account. If you dont have an account for amazon, then you have to create a new account. Alexa voice service can not be used if you are not logged in to amazon account. Now moving forward to next step you need to pair the device. 

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