Setup your amazon alexa echo dot on mac, windows, android, iphone for free. Read instructions to setup below.

Setup Echo Dot - Free - Windows, Mac (Laptop / PC) 
Iphone, Ipad & Android

Setup echo dot on computer, mac, i phone or android device. Quick guide for echo dot setup, alexa amazon dot setup, Amazon dot setup on internet or Wi Fi. Setup Echo Dot on Mac, Windows, I phone, I pad, android. 

  • Download Alexa app from the link to setup to pc then sign into your  account
  • Wait for the orange circle to appear on the LED light  This indicates the device is ready to configure with your Wi-Fi connection.
  •  In that process you miss this window the device starts complaining the ring will turn purple). Hold down the action button the button opposite the mute button on the Echo for five seconds until it turns orange again.
  •  Go to the settings click update wifi  Alternatively, If you’re adding a new device select set up a new device Manually input your Wi-Fi information have your SSID and passkey ready! More information on trouble with connecting with Wi-Fi.
  • Once The device connected to wifi then it shows a series of other options, such as connecting to an external Bluetooth speaker or  prime accounts
  • Once you have completed all steps of the launch process, you are ready to go.
  • The app screen will show preparing your device and if the wifi connection is successfully installed  then you should see a message to express Setup Complete and connects to wifi
  • Now select the name of the network you do like to connect and enter the network password. Using the on-screen keyboard password-protected networks would show a lock icon your network password. Which will not match with your Amazon password after you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Download Alexa app Echo Dot can now use your echo dot to get started say wake word and then speak in short natural phrases.

  • Your echo dot is set to respond to the wake word Alexa by default. But this can be changed to a few other options in the Alexa app. While echo dot has a speaker. You can connect it to external speakers with a 3.5mm audio cable or through Bluetooth.

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