Alexa Orange Light Ring - Setup Alexa

While setting up Alexa Echo to wi fi network you come to a setup mode where Alexa App asks you to turn on the Orange light on Alexa Echo. The Orange light simply means that your device is ready to Connect to Wireless network or Wi Fi. You need to check what light is flashing on Alexa Echo device. In order to Turn the orange light on you need to press and hold the plus minus button for five seconds. Once it is Orange you can move to the next step to set up alexa and alexa skills.


If it is blue that means the your device is starting up, if the color of light is Red that means the microphone off button is enabled, if you see a Red light then Alexa can't able to listen your commands. In order to turn the Red light off on your Amazon Echo device you need to press the microphone off button. Once Red light ring is turned of you can use the wake word and also will start listening your commands. The green light on Alexa means that you have received a call or drop in.

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