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There are a few issues Alexa App for Windows in your program can't do — like stream your music — nonetheless, in the occasion, you've baffled what the computerized collaborator can, presently's your likelihood to endeavor it out. Instantly ended up implying a half year, anyway starting in the present day, android clients can speak with Alexa inside the Alexa app and ask basic Alexa questions. 

Download Amazon Alexa App for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PC, Laptop or Computer. Now get Alexa App for Windows 8.1 version etc.

Amazon can be trusting it might well influence you to choose up one among its sound framework, which are dynamite. There isn't any local presentation, so driving an in-application catch to enact Alexa is required reasonably than just saying the "Alexa" set off expression. In the wake of unpacking your Echo remove the plastic wellbeing from the unit, at that point interface the office link and fitting the office block directly into a divider attachment.

Features of Alexa App on Windows PC

  • Entertainment : You can listen music through connecting Amazon Prime account or can listen music for free by connecting it to     pandora account. The most used feature for entertainment on Alexa is Music.

  • Smart Home: You can make your house a smart home by connecting your Echo speaker to various Smart home devices like connecting echo to smart TV, connecting echo to thermostat, connecting echo to Sonos speaker through alexa app on windows.

  • Control Alexa from anywhere : It is not necessary that Alexa Echo should be near to your computer. After setting up alexa on windows you can control alexa from anywhere. 

Download Alexa App for Windows 7/8/10 (include Setup Alexa on Windows)

  • Alexa can now be installed on Windows: how to test the Amazon virtual assistant

  •  Not officially, but Alexa can now be installed on Windows, Amazon's virtual voice assistant.

    The Amazon Alexa wizard will be included within Cortana (Microsoft's virtual assistant), so it will be on Windows. In fact, we can already find it natively on some HP, Lenovo and Acer computers, at least for now. But, because someone has extracted the executable file from one of those computers, we can install it on ours.
    That is, we can install Amazon Alexa on our Windows computer by following these simple instructions. The only problem is that at the moment it is only available in English, so in addition to having to interact with Alexa in the Shakespeare language, we will have to have the English (American) language configured, at least while we are installing it.

How to install Amazon Alexa on Windows

The first thing we will have to do, then, is to go to Settings and enter the  Region and language section. We must not only change the language of our computer, but also the region in which we are. In this way, we must put in the United States region and in English (United States).

At the moment it is the only way we can do this. And everything should be as in the image above. Once we have done so, we must restart the computer or, alternatively, log out and log back in for changes to take effect.
Now it is time to install the application, although we must know that it is an executable file that, as we have already said, is extracted from a computer that comes from the factory with Alexa, and that is uploaded to Dropbox. Therefore, it is not an official installer. We have done so and we have not had any problems.
Therefore, we must download the Dropbox .exe and execute it (remember again that we have to have the region and the language in the US). The installer will not ask us much: accept the terms and conditions and little else. Once we have completed all the steps, we can enjoy Alexa.

Transform your PC into Amazon Echo: how to install Alexa on Windows 10 in the USA and UK?

Microsoft does not yet offer Alexa on the Windows 10 store. However, for the more curious who are at least familiar with the language of Shakespeare, it is quite possible to enjoy the Alexa experience on Windows 10. Thanks to the tip that we give you here, you will be able to install and transform your PC an Amazon Echo speaker.
To start, you will make Microsoft Store believe that you are located in the United States. Otherwise, you're not going to find Alexa in the store.
Now you can install Alexa from Microsoft Store. Open the store on your PC, enter "Alexa" in the search bar and confirm. Select Alexa from the search results and click Download. Once the application is installed, launch it and start the configuration. If you already have an Amazon account, just enter the username, password and then log in. Otherwise, click on "Create New Amazon Account" and follow the steps to the end.


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