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If your machine doesn’t run Windows 10, you can’t download Alexa, but you can use the Alexa app in your browser.
You can’t talk to Amazon’s assistant through this app, but you can control your Echo and smart-home devices, set up music and media, set alarms, enable skills, adjust device settings and everything else you can do with the app on your phone.


  • Download Alexa App

  • Sign into your Amazon account, or create one.

    There are a few issues Alexa App for Mac in your program can't do — like playing your music — nonetheless, in the occasion, you've baffled what the computerized collaborator can, presently's your likelihood to endeavor it out. Immediately ended up implying a half year, anyway starting in the present day, iOS clients can speak with Alexa inside the Alexa application and ask basic Alexa inquiries.

Congratulations -- Alexa now lives on your computer. To find more things to do with Alexa on your computer, check out our list of the Best Alexa Skills.  

Amazon can be trusting it might well influence you to choose up one among its sound framework, which are dynamite. There isn't any local presentation, so driving an in-application catch to enact Alexa is required reasonably than just saying the "Alexa" set off expression. In the wake of unpacking your Echo remove the plastic wellbeing from the unit, at that point interface the office link and fitting the office block directly into a divider attachment.

Alexa Setup On Mac ( PC / Laptop )

Open the Alexa application on your Mac. If you don't have it yet, here is the Alexa app for iOS and here is the Alexa app for Mac.

  • Select the Settings option and then Music.

  • Select the Link new service (+) option.

  • Select Apple Music in the service options and then sign in with your Apple username and password. When finished, select the Done button.

  • To set Apple Music as the default streaming service, scroll down to the bottom of the music settings menu in the Alexa app, select Default services, and then select Apple Music.

That is all. Simply ask Alexa to play a song, an album, an artist or a playlist, and it will access your Apple Music library.


If you have purchased an Amazon Echo device with Alexa, you may wonder how to stream your music from iTunes since, thanks to the years of the iPod, many of us have accumulated a large collection. Good news: you don't need to leave that collection. Whether you want to play the iTunes music you have bought or if you want to stream your subscription to Apple Music, we have you covered.


If you have boarded the music service streaming train, you may have chosen to use Apple Music to get your favorite songs. Luckily, Amazon and Apple have designed their services to work together perfectly. If you have an Amazon Echo device, follow these steps to configure Apple Music within the Alexa application on your Android or iOS device.


This tutorial assumes that you have already set up your Amazon Alexa device. If you have not configured your device yet, see our tutorial to simplify the process.


• Discover and activate the recommended Skills Alexa
• Continue where you left off directly from the front desk with lists, purchases or recently played music and books


  • Use the Drop-In feature from your app to quickly connect to your compatible Echo devices, as if you were using a two-way intercom.

  • Calls or messages supported by devices with built-in Alexa, at no additional cost.


  • Configure your devices compatible with Alexa, control or check the status of your compatible connected lights, locks and thermostats, whether at home or on the go

  • Create routines to automate your connected devices


  • View and edit your shopping and to-do lists on the go, get the weather and get the latest news, manage timers and alarms and more.


  • Connect to music services like Amazon Music and Spotify. Choose a song or playlist and listen to it on your devices with built-in Alexa.

  • Create speaker groups to listen to music on your Echo compatible devices for multiroom music

Alexa For Mac (Frequently Asked Question )


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